Unity is Strength

30 August 2017

Pietro Ferrari - This year's novelty is the partnership between Giovanardi and Serge Ferrari, we ask Carlo Giovanardi which are the
reasons for this partnership and what kind of partnership is it.

Carlo Giovanardi - The reason is putting together the skills of Serge Ferrari who is increasingly bringing about hi-tech and highend
products with our business skills.
Serge Ferrari have put together a very high technology heritage (think of a double-layer fluoro fabric, alternative to glass with
high durability and anti-aging characteristics. On the other hand, in Giovanardi we have always been very active in the distribution
and manufacturing of more traditional products, not by chance we come from cotton processing. All this without sacrificing our
vocation for outdoor.

Pietro Ferrari - A difficult sector ...

Carlo Giovnaardi - Someone says the outdoor world is easy but we work with complex materials that must be able to cope with
multiple attacks without forgetting the humidity that remains in the tent when it comes, often hastily, bent and pushed.

Pietro Ferrari - Let's talk about this agreement with Serge Ferrari ..

Carlo Giovanardi - In this joint-venture with Serge Ferrari we have put our part of more traditional fabrics plus all the part that
comes from the world of apparel that Serge Ferrari has obviously and also all our distribution expertise. We were already present
in several European countries.
Pietro Ferrari - So the complementarity between you and Serge Ferrari comes from a productive factor but also from a marketing
and market factor in different markets.

Carlo Giovanardi - We talk about objective factors that allow us to put together our product ranges, Serge Ferrari on the high end,
Giovanardi on a mid-range. Our partner's strength is to propose innovative fabrics and to create markets that did not exist before.
We have therefore found Serge Ferrari's important attention in setting up our own business network, and we have joined them with
our goal of getting to ten branch offices in Europe

Pietro Ferrari - This means that your customer does not have to go too far to find the products of the two brands.
Carlo Giovanardi - Today, through this distribution network, we are in a position to offer to the market, among the various markets we run, excluding Italy where we are present as Giofex, we have almost four thousand customers in Europe. A number that translates into a huge and concrete commitment from all of us to meet the particular needs of each of them.

Pietro Ferrari - We talk about a world of customized products ...

Carlo Giovanardi - We respond very flexibly to specific requests, while Serge Ferrari works on standard products on quite stringent production parameters. As for our production, we have a range of jacquard acrylic outdoor fabrics with which we have taken orders from resorts to the Maldives, we are suppliers of B & B Italia, and of Gervasoni. The numbers are still not huge because they are very high target.

Pietro Ferrari - What are the winning attributes of these fabrics?

Carlo Giovanardi - We are able to give a soft finish that does not prevent the fabric from staying outdoors for ten years or more, cleansing it like any fabric. In one of these products we have put together the acrylic with the flax: its name is Linacryl, even in this case we have been able to do something different.

A world presence

Carlo Giovanardi - As Giovanardi we opened a factory in Guangzhou, China: we have also a showroom in a Chinese design center where we organize meeting with architects and designers of the place. We then developed a new partnership in Singapore from where we go to Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. We have a platform in Burma to enter that country. The low-priced product of those countries is re-exported, but resorts and local hotels use the best of the great international brands.

Pietro Ferrari - In the outside spaces the technical product is completed with aesthetic value?

Carlo Giovanardi - We consider our production eminently technical but the aesthetic value is paramount.


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